Hiking Tours

A daily walk keeps your defenses in good shape to fight against internal or external pathogens. Some experts even believe that moderate walking not only protects your body from infections and illnesses but also helps to heal them and to recover faster.

Hiking tours / Mountaineering / Night Walking

Hiking has an extraordinary potential, not only as a sport for everyone but also for cultural, tourist and environmental aspects. In fact, the best way to know a country is to walk through it, step by step, in contact with the cultural, historical and natural heritage. Walk to explore or to maintain the shape of body and spirit. For this extraordinary sporting activity, we have pedestrian paths through the National Park for you to meet treasures of it, like unbelievable viewpoints so full of life and culture.

This paths allows lovers of the sport, to have a certain variety, and thus, a greater possibility of choice in terms of courses they intend to perform. This variety makes it possible to have more demand-driven paths, not only in terms of the type of effort required (duration and profile of the course), but also in different types of landscapes.


half-day (morning or afternoon)

  • Comfortable clothing (for good mobility)
  • Suitable footwear
  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking Activity
  • Guide for activity monitoring
  • Insurance


2 People1/2 Day25€

1 Day – 70€

3 to 4 People1/2 Day20€

1 Day – 45€

5 to 8 People1/2 Day12,50€

1 Day – 35€

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