Group Activities

Paintball and Orienteering

Exchange experiences, develop group spirit, foster friendships, discover and increase physical and psychic skills. Entertainment and excitement is all part of group adventure sports.


Paintball is a sport where adventure and strategy takes place and simulates a “fight” between two or more teams, who compete for the achievement of a certain goal (for example, the capture of a flag).

Players use air pressure guns that shoot biodegradable, washable and non-toxic spherical dye-filled gelatin capsules which marks the opponent on hit.

The more opponents you eliminate, easier it’s to reach the main goal. It’s an action game, which normally the team that adopts the best strategy wins. With all the ingredients of a high adrenaline sport, paintball helps you to fight stress, routine, stimulates quick thinking and teamwork.

In modern society, the desire to escape routine, to be in touch with nature, to live unforgettable moments, to discover our own limits is increasingly sought by people.

This activity will be developed in a private land and a minimum of four people is needed.

to be arranged (morning / afternoon)

  • Comfortable clothing (for good mobility)
  • Adequate footwear
  • Paintball activity
  • Guides
  • Guns of compressed air
  • Camouflage Suits
  • Trunk and neck protectors
  • Gloves
  • Double lens masks
  • Insurance required by law


50 Balls1/2 Day16€

100 Balls1/2 Day20€

200 Balls1/2 Day24€


Orienteering is a sport with more than 100 years of existence as an organized sport. This competition is reconciled with leisure, in a space that provides a permanent contact with Nature.

Each practitioner receives a map where small circles are marked corresponding to control points, materialized on the terrain by the “beacons” (international orienteering flags), accompanied by a system that proves the passage through each point.

The choice of an itinerary between each control point is an option of the practitioner himself! Each point is a goal and simultaneously the departure for a new challenge. Crossing meadows, streams and forests, the contestant feels an integral part of the crossed space. The movement speed has to be accompanied by the reasoning speed to read and interpret the map/terrain relationship, ponder over the various itinerary options and make decisions!

to be arranged (morning/afternoon)

  • Comfortable clothing (for good mobility)
  • Adequate footwear
  • Sun cream
  • Orienteering
  • Guides
  • Insurance required by law


8 People minimum1/2 Day17,50€

More than 8 People1/2 Day15€

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