Tree Climbing

Tree Climbing, Zipline, Archery

An adventure park with a wide variety of elements, such as rope climbing exercises, obstacle courses and ziplines. Come and have fun inside the Park..


This activity takes place inside the ‘Parque das Termas’, in the center of Gerês Village.

It consists of acrobatic courses in height formed by a set of “floating bridges” created between trees, through suspended platform systems, networks, cables, etc. The route ends with a slide over the Gerês river.


Zipline is a radical activity consisting of a rapid descent without placing your feet on the ground, sliding by a stretched steel rope. The point of arrival is lower than the starting point, using as support some climbing equipment.


Archery is an activity that provides moments of some calmness and concentration. It has as main objective to practice skills of aiming and hitting the center of a target.

This activity also offers counterbalance of the physical effort of other more demanding activities.

aprox. 1 hour

  • Comfortable clothing (for good mobility)
  • Proper footwear (tennis / boots)
  • Sun cream
  • Tree climbing, Zipline and Archery activity
  • Monitors for activity guidance
  • I.P.E. (Individual protection equipment)
  • Insurance required by law


2 to 6 Persons1 hour13,50€

6 to 10 Persons1 hour12€

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